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It is a Privilege to serve you as the President and CEO of the outstanding InFirst Bank organization!

It is also an Honor to lead such an incredible group of people who work tirelessly to serve YOU every day!


  • RELATIONSHIPS ARE MADE HERE: InFirst Bank’s Business Model is incredibly different from what you’ll find with other Financial Institutions! InFirst Bank’s Main Mission is to attend to your Financial Needs and Success! You are part of the FAMILY!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KEY: InFirst Bank’s unmatched personalized service starts by knowing you by name and taking a genuine interest in finding the perfect solution to ensure your financial success!
  • TRUE COMMUNITY BANKING: InFirst Bank provides an inclusive selection of product, local decision making, prompt response time and a strong commitment to the communities where you work and live.
  • COMMITMENT TO LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS: InFirst Bank is dedicated to helping Business Enterprises continue to create economic growth and opportunity.  InFirst Bank provides a wealth of Financial Product, Technology, Communication and Innovation.
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: InFirst Bank has an unwavering commitment to address and serve Community needs and challenges. Participation through employee time and corporate funding, with numerous non-profit organizations, continues to have a positive impact on your Community and Residents.
  • FOUNDED IN 1922: We believe the citizens, who founded this Financial Institution, would be proud that InFirst Bank has never lost sight of the Founders’ original Goals, Mission, Responsibilities and a Resolute Community Respect for the past 100 years.
  • SAFE, SOUND AND SECURE: Backed by the FDIC and other Governmental Agencies, InFirst Bank has always been a Financial Institution with an exemplary history and a bright future!
  • INDEPENDENT: InFirst is an Independent Financial Institution, with no stock shareholders or individuals with ownership holdings. This independence allows InFirst Bank to efficiently and effectively attend to your Financial Needs!
  • INFIRST BANK FUTURE: InFirst Bank continues to be at the forefront of seizing opportunity and fulfilling expectations. InFirst Bank is committed to making significant investments in the areas of: excellent digital platforms, exceptional products, expanded communications, extraordinary service, and experienced talent.
  • YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE: InFirst Bank is here for you! Why entrust your Financial Future and Dreams anywhere else?!

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Timothy Kronenwetter
President and CEO