Q: Why do you ask for Identification when I am making a transaction?

A: InFirst Bank understands that it can be inconvenient for you to have to verify your identity during routine transactions as an established customer of the Bank. We ask you for some form of identification because:

  • It helps to protect you, our customer, by preventing the improper endorsement of a check;
  • It helps to prevent an unauthorized withdrawal from your account;
  • As a result of the events of 9/11, it has become a sound banking practice and is quite customary in the banking industry.

InFirst Bank is committed to giving to you the best possible service as promptly as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate your business and safeguarding your money is our primary concern.

Q: Are my deposits insured by the FDIC?

A: YES! InFirst Bank is a Member of the FDIC. That means that deposits with InFirst Bank are insured up to $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category.

Q: Where can I mail my deposit?

A: Deposits can be mailed to your local InFirst Bank office.


Q: When I make a deposit at an InFirst Bank ATM, how long will it take for my account to be credited?

A: Generally, the funds deposited at an InFirst Bank ATM will be available on the second business day after the date of deposit. However, the first $200 of the deposit along with certain other deposited items such as U.S. Treasury checks made payable to you as well as checks drawn on our bank will be available on the first business day.

Q: When I make a deposit at another bank's ATM how long will it take for my account to be credited?

A: When you make a deposit at another bank’s ATM machine it will take up to five business days for your deposit funds to become available.

Q: How do I identify my routing number?

A: A routing number or a routing transit number is a number which appears on the bottom of checks between the two stop symbols. See the example below:
|:123456789 |:

Q: How do I transfer funds between my different accounts?

A: You can transfer funds between accounts by visiting an InFirst Bank office location, using Online Banking, Telephone Banking, or an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Q: How do I re-order checks?

A: Checks can be re-ordered by calling InFirst Bank at 800-349-2814 or by visiting your local InFirst Bank office. Additionally, checks can be ordered through Deluxe directly using an online method or by telephone at 877-838-5287.

Q: What do I do if I wish to dispute a charge on my checking account statement?

A: If you think that you have an unauthorized item on your checking account you must notify the bank immediately and then come into your local InFirst Bank office to fill out a dispute claim form.

Q: Is overdraft protection available for my checking account?

A: Yes, overdraft protection is available by linking an InFirst Bank checking account to an InFirst Bank savings account. When the checking account falls below zero, the funds needed to bring it back to a zero dollar amount will be transferred from the savings account.