Positive Pay is a popular automated service that helps banks detect check fraud for our customers by matching the company’s issued check list with checks presented for payment.  The dollar amount, check number and account number must match the information provided by the company, or the check is flagged as an exception for review by the issuer.


Positive Pay is a great fraud prevention tool.  A Positive Pay solution can help identify counterfeit or altered checks before a loss occurs.  Should fraudulent checks clear an account undetected, it can be very time-consuming to deal with and result in a substantial loss of revenue.


▪ You will provide the bank with information about the checks you have issued and can do so in several ways. You can either enter the information manually, if you only have a few checks to report, or you can upload a file for larger check runs.

▪ The bank will monitor your account daily. When any check presented for payment in overnight processing does not match the information you have previously provided, or if an item is presented that you had not reported, you would be notified by 8AM that you have exception items for review. You would then need to review the exception items and decide whether to pay or return the items. This process would need to be completed by 10:30AM that same day or the item will automatically be returned.

▪ Positive Pay can provide you peace of mind knowing you can detect check fraud issues before they occur.


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