Q: What smart phone will I need to use this feature?

A: InFirst currently supports iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.0 or higher and Android smartphones or tablets running version 4.1 or higher.

Q: Will I be charged a fee to use Mobile Check Deposit?

A: InFirst does not charge a fee to use Mobile Check Deposit. Your carrier’s standard data rates may apply. Consult your wireless provider for details.

Q: What types of accounts are eligible?

A: Most InFirst checking accounts that are enrolled for Retail Online Banking are eligible for use with InFirst Mobile Check Deposit.

Q: How should I endorse my check?

A: All checks must be signed by the depositor(s) and ‘For Mobile Deposit@InFirst Bank Only‘ should be included beneath the signature as well. Please see the example below.

Q: Are the check photos taken of my deposit stored anywhere on my device?

A: No, the check images are not stored on your mobile device once submitted.

Q: Are there any restrictions to the amount of money I can deposit?

A: Yes. A blanket deposit amount limit has been set for all customers for $2,500.00 per day with a rolling 30-day limit of $10,000.00 in total. This amount may vary at the sole discretion of the Bank based on customer standing considering such factors as balances maintained, age of account, overall banking relationship and overall operation of the account by you.

Q: What should I do with my check after I have submitted a deposit?

A: Once the deposit is reflected in your account, please retain the check for 30 calendar days. After this time period expires you must void the check and securely destroy it.

Q: When will I see my deposit posted to my account?

A: Checks deposited before 3:00 PM EST on business days (Monday-Friday) will typically post to your account that night. Checks deposited after 3:00 PM EST or on non-business days will be processed on the next available business day and typically posted to the account that night. Funds are subject to InFirst Bank’s Funds Availability Policy.

Q: Can I view the status and image of a mobile deposit?

A: If you have an Android phone, Yes. Go to the History tab to see a list of your mobile deposits from the last 180 days, as well as images of those checks. This feature for iOS devices is currently in development.

Q: Why was my mobile check deposit amount changed OR why was my deposit not accepted?

A: All deposits are subject to our verification procedures and we may refuse, limit or return deposits for any reason. If there is a change to your deposit amount or your item is rejected, InFirst will contact you at the email address you registered for Mobile Check Deposit with.

Q: I’m having trouble getting my check images to be accepted. What can I do?

A: Make sure that you have placed the check on a dark or contrasting background against which it will stand out. Ensure that all four corners of the check are visible in the picture. Use a steady hand to reduce image blur and take the picture in a properly lit area. It can also help to take the photo at a slight angle as opposed to directly above the check.

Q: Will I receive alerts regarding my mobile deposit?

A: You will receive a notification if your item is adjusted or rejected. You can write your confirmation number on the deposited check for your own records if desired.

Q: How many checks can I deposit using Mobile Check Deposit?

A: You can deposit as many checks as you’d like up to the deposit limits noted above. However, you can only deposit one check at a time.