CACHÉ Savings Account

CACHÉ (kaSH) – to store away in hiding for future use

Our CACHÉ Savings Account is designed to help you with your budgeting and savings needs throughout the year. You pick the savings goal and the month you’d like to receive the funds! And you can open as many CACHÉ Accounts as you’d like, to meet all your savings needs!

  • Open with as little as $.01
  • Interest will accrue and be credited at maturity.
  • Choose a goal amount and pick your disbursement month.
  • Utilize the convenience of automatic transfers on pay day! Set it and forget about it!
  • When it’s time for disbursement, the balance can be automatically transferred to an InFirst Bank Deposit Account of your choice at no cost, or you may choose a check for a small fee.
  • The account will automatically renew after disbursement and begin saving for the next year.



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Monthly Disbursement Schedule